Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yet I Sin

Thou hast saved me, and yet I sin. Thou hast justified me, and not on my own merit, but by the faith Thou gavest unto me, and yet I sin. Thou hast given the gift of faith and given me amazing grace, and yet I sin. From the depths of my soul I ask why? Thou hast given unto me eyes to see and ears to hear, and yet I continue to sin. Thou hast put a new heart in my breast that I may believe in Thee and may glory in thy Son, and yet daily I transgress Thy holy law. Why do I do so O Lord?

I search into the depths of my heart to try and conclude why but conclude nothing. My soul longs to obey Thee but my flesh seeks the opposite. I am so vile, so wretched, and so unworthy of life and act in outright rebellion daily against Thy holy commandments. Why do I continue to drink of the pleasures of the flesh rather than from the waters of life? If it were not for Thy grace and love then I would never return to Thy throne of grace. I would rather pay to drink of the sewer than to come to the garden upon Thy holy mountain and drink of the free waters of life. It is only Thy grace that continues to bring me back.

O Lord, who created all things, how pathetic am I but how awesome Thou art! By grace have I believed and by grace shall I continue to return to Thee. How blessed is the man who trusts in Thee and to whom Thou looks upon with favor, for Thou shall sustain him forever.

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